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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

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// I cant go there, and im at my own event at the comic seminar.
now all i need is a power of jamie madrox... huhuuhuhuh

it seems that OCTOBER is really for COMICS MONTH.

Comic Odyssey will be celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary with a signing event with John Beatty, Leinil Francis Yu, Edgar Tadeo, Mico Suayan and myself.

The event will be held on October 27, 2007, Saturday, at the 3rd Floor, Pedro Gil Wing of Robinson’s Place along Pedro Gil in Malate, Manila from 1pm to 5pm. Raffles will be held every half hour.

This is John’s second visit to the Philippines, and as many comic book fans would know, John is the legendary inker for many comic books for Marvel and DC including the very first Secret Wars, Captain America, Batman, Superman, The Nam, Spiderman, Avengers, GI Joe, Green Lantern, Justice League, Magneto, New Mutants, The Punisher, and so many more.

Leinil Francis Yu is my one time pencilling partner on many titles including Superman: Birthright, High Roads, New X-Men Annual 2001, Fantastic Four Annual 2001, Wolverine, and Silent Dragon. He’s since worked on Ultimate Hulk and Wolverine and New Avengers.

Edgar Tadeo is a very talented curly guy who has either colored or inked titles like Spawn, Iron Man, Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Captain America, and High Roads.

Mico Suayan has recently knocked people dead with his debut on Marvel’s Moon Knight.

FOR MORE INFO, PLEASE CALL: 536-8070, or email Sandy Sansolis at nixshop (at)

Monday, October 22, 2007

event will be this Friday, check the poster above for the schedule and dates.
My lecture will be on Friday at 2pm-3pm, and thats a day beforfe the comic seminar.

I was invited to talk about blogging, business and IT. Im not a super good in business or a problogger but thanks to the organizers for recongnizing my work and field in the success of events that Im involved in. And the Philippine Toy Convention is one big portfolio for me.
and I'll be there to represent and show the people how can you take a big advantage using blogs and the internet in having a big success in marketing your products, services and also yourself.

i maybe share some secrets here in how to make your event successful.
so if youre an event organizer. just attend this friday and see if you can believe with me.
I'll just to note to them that Im not that big in the industry.

I will be showing them how I used my blog, and the blog of ToyCon and Transformers Philippines in marketing your event or business.

for infos. go to

it was a fun taping and guesting in UNTV's Bread Tambayan, and thanks to Rodel for the tv guesting and UNTV as our media partner and in support always in our events.

During the taping, Wilson Tortosa did a drawing demo and Jay David Ramos did a on the spot coloring. Im glad that I brought my laptop and the UNTV got a Wacom tablet and it was cool event demo hahahaha, Jay colored a pin up of Spider-man, then he showed it up and do an on the spot coloring.
taping one two three!
Az, Jay, Rodel of UNTV and Wilson
at the back are the hosts of the show

The image
on air.

The image
Jay on coloring

The image
Wilson sketching

The image
at the dressing room

before the camera rolls.

for more photos visit this link
UNTV Bread Tambayan taping pics - Az, Wilson and Jay (Glass House Graphics+ 5th Manila Comics Creation Seminar)

Watch our tv guesting today at 5:30pm
the show is Bread Tambayan.

for local listing of cable channels. but if you have UHF just go to channel 37

and if you are away and outside Philippines, just go to the website
and click on the windows media player icon to watch the show live on the net!

wow! this is a great tv network having a live streaming of their show.

we will have another live tv guesting this thursday.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

from my sister ..


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