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Friday, April 18, 2008

Matahari Studios (Philippines)

For over four decades LAI Games has been a leading player in the entertainment industry. Our company manufactures and sells a variety of arcade-based games, and we also operate the highly successful Timezone Family Entertainment Centers. With more than 500 locations throughout the region, we are poised for significant growth.

Matahari Studios is the software development group for Timezone arcades, and we must expand aggressively to meet our customer’s demand. We are now building a studio in Manila, and we invite those with a talent and passion for game development to join our ranks.

Flash Programmer / Developer (Games)

The ideal candidate would have previous experience working in an interactive entertainment or software development environment, and have the ability to design, plan, and program Flash games. The candidate must exhibit excellent verbal and written communication skills, strong team working ability, a solid understanding of the software development process, and a high level of understanding towards game technology.


Ø Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree in Mathematics, Computer Science/Information Technology, Business Studies/Administration/Management, Art & Design, Advertising/Media or equivalent or equivalent

Ø Minimum 2 years experience working in Flash and Actionscript is required.

Ø Required skill(s): Demonstrable skills in Flash, Object-Oriented Actionscript Development, Photoshop

Ø Preferred skill(s): XML, Knowledge of shared libraries and working knowledge of component type development, Design Patterns

Ø Required language(s): English

Ø Applicants must be willing to work in Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Ø Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status

Ø Applicants must have a portfolio of work accomplished

Must play games regularly, understand how they work, and enjoy making games for a living!

While we seek all levels of talent, to be considered for the more senior positions you must bring with you previous experience in the development of interactive entertainment, software development, or related discipline.

We highly encourage you to write us a cover letter that explains to us:

Ø Your perception of the responsibilities and duties of the position for which you are applying

Ø Your perception of the skills and qualifications that would make a good candidate; what would you need to know to do well

Ø What is your interest in a game development company; what games do you play

Ø If you do not possess any past game development experience, how have your previous positions prepared you to take on such a new role; what is it about your background that matches these requirements

Please send your cover letter and CV to:

Monday, February 04, 2008

Please watch it at this link ^^ and kindly leave comments, thank you!

A movie critic thread is opened by our competitor in this link. You are welcome to leave your own comments after you have registered.

Title: Anhela La Venganza

Director: Rivermiker / Miker
Production Assistant: Gatoblaca / Jac
Game Consultant: Azarthras / Erving


Female Musketeer: Joy Bordador
Male Scout: Dan Ilano
Male Fighter: Oneal Rosero
Brunie Etienne: Jac Ting Lim
Male Wizard: Ron Rosero
Female Scout: Jac Ting Lim
Male Musketeer: Paul Catiang

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

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YOU are invited!
The biggest sale of its kind with the greatest
discounts, coolest promotions and hottest products!

Event Dates: NOVEMBER 8-11,2007
Event Hours: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Venue: SMX Convention Center Exhibit Hall, Seashell
Drive, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

* Novenber 8,2007 exclusive for
Trade Visitors and Professionals only.

Come to the country's biggest and most exciting I.T show!
Every year, the Computer Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers Association of the Philippines [COMDDAP] brings together distributors and resellers in one big event to celebrate the progress of the country's information technology industry.

Find the world's leading makers of I.T products, solutions and peripherals under one roof, with their best and latest products on sale at great discounts and promotions.

Even if it is the best procurement platform in the Philippines, COMDDAP EXPO 2007 is not just for techies, purchasing managers or I.T. professionals. This celebration is for anyone and everyone, because whatever we do, I.T is in our lives.

read more here

// just noting myself ehhehee

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I forgot to make a blog post about my lecture and now that I have more time to blog and for today is my rest day in events and other stuff. I also uploaded a recorded version of my lecture about blogging your business to success and also an introduction to blogging. I used a Creative Zeon 2 mp3 player with recorder in documenting my lecture so that I can share it to all.

Im not a professional in blogging and I know Im not the right guy for giving lectures, but the people around me chose me to share my experience and knowledge about web blogging.
Im so scared in talking in this big event and If there are any bloggers who are offended or do not acccept what I said in this lecture, it will be better to note me privately and correct me if theres something wrong in my lecture, so that I can notice my mistakes and improve it more.

I arrived at around 2:30pm and almost got a trouble in arriving in the venue, got so tired in organizing my own event at the comic seminar and I created my slides and web page screen caps that morning, in other words,, cramming hahaha, It was like back in college, preparing a big presentation for my thesis. Been blogging snce 2003 and using the internet in my business since 1997, so you can see a big structure on how and when did I started in this internet thing and making it as a career today.

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I went to check the event on its first day of opening and see who will be my attendees and I just observed that most of them are students and business people. I tried making a funny and entertaining slide, like putting cartoon characters and other images that seems to be more funny. like teddy bears, animals and celebrities. I did that just to make the audience focus on the slide and later on listen to my lecture and do some amusing stunts, making the atmosphere lively.

Students are aware already on the blogging world and most of them are into Friendster and Multiply, thus they arent aware about the livejournal, blogger, wordpress and etc. Making an introduction about blogging raise more curiosity in my audience of business people. One of them asked a question on how will they use blogging as a tool for their businesses and some of them asked me if it is easy to use and is it cheap. I answered them that they can use it for business and for the web blog example I used in my slide and seems that they are convinced that they can use it as online shop, product catalog, and it is easy to use and cheap, less cost expensive in that way.

Some student asked me questions about how can they use it for their business. I was surprised that these Rizal Technology University are into business and they shared to me that they have products for sale and like to learn more on blogging, but when i found out that he has a multiply account, I told him that he can use the blogging engine of multiply and photos album to upload his product and turn it into a virtual catalog.

there was a coaching and mentorship program after the lecture, the students took photos of me with them and they will use it for their school study and also use it to show it to their professors. A salon businessman approached me and asked the same question too about how can they use blogging in their business. I just told them that they can have a blog with no cost and it can serve it as their official website, I just told them that you just need a regular writer to put blog post about your services, products and also put tips on about getting a great hairdo or make up.

A community service officer from Candelaria, Quezon approached and told me that their org has a blog but he doesnt have the time to update it, I just told him that even that you spend more time in surfing social networking sites, you can use blog in reporting your activites and also promoting your community events and annoucements. just try to do a story from it and that will serve as your content for your blog.

pretty fun on that day, met a lot of person and It was a great experience in sharing what I know about blogging. I even got a talk with the president of Argon Lasers light, he just shared to me this program about the discipline in getting and earning money out from nothing. which gives me interest in how can they raised a P800 from talking and not having any expense at all. hmmm I might try it soon and blog it about here.

thanks to Exlinks, Megatrade Hall and Filnegosyo for inviting me at their event
and hope we can have more talks and lectures about blogging.

Download and listen to my blogging lecture.

Play and listen

or click here to download the whole mp3 file, size 11MB
Az lectures blogging your business to success in Filnegosyo Oct 26 Megatrade Hall SM Megamall

Photos : Blogging your business to succcess ( the Az man lecture) @Filnegosyo

just to remind everyone that the comic signing and first appearance of Ben Templesmith in Manila will be today in Fullybooked, Bonifacio High Street. So grab your comics or buy one at Fullybooked and meet Ben Templesmith in person. This is a great Halloween comic event in Manila. The scary moment in comics is here hahhahaha.



FULLY BOOKED invites you to meet BEN TEMPLESMITH, the visual genius behind
the up-coming, much-awaited horror film, "30 Days of Night."

Australian commercial artist Ben Templesmith is best known for his
horror-themed artwork in "Fell" (Image Comics) and "30 Days of Night" (IDW
Publishing). He has been nominated for multiple Eisner Awards for his
groundbreaking comic work.

Ben has an instantly recognizable signature style, a great departure from
the clean linework in most mainstream comic books. In "30 Days" he
established a modern definitive vampire look that has been frequently

Sign up for the exclusive artists' workshops and talks!

October 30
Meet and Greet Ben Templesmith, 6PM at the Forum, 4/F Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street

November 3
Artists' Den Forum with Ben Templesmith and Art Jam, 2-5PM at the Forum, 4/F Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street

Book signing, 5-7PM at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street

November 4
Limited Portfolio Review (Limited slots available. Deadline of registration
is October25, 2007)
11AM -12 noon
2 - 4 PM
5 - 7 PM
at the Forum, 4/F Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street

November 5
From Concept to Film: An Exclusive Artist Workshop with Ben Templesmith, 2-5
PM at
De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde
School of Design and Arts Campus
950 P. Ocampo St., Malate Manila
(Open to all and free of charge. Limited slots available, deadline of
registration is October 19, 2007)

To register, please call Fully Booked Customer Service at 858-7000 or email


post from : Ben's LJ
and at Fullybooked's website
see you all later !!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

photos by : Mark "Cykill Gobot" Cerbo

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

snatching this post from :

// I cant go there, and im at my own event at the comic seminar.
now all i need is a power of jamie madrox... huhuuhuhuh

it seems that OCTOBER is really for COMICS MONTH.

Comic Odyssey will be celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary with a signing event with John Beatty, Leinil Francis Yu, Edgar Tadeo, Mico Suayan and myself.

The event will be held on October 27, 2007, Saturday, at the 3rd Floor, Pedro Gil Wing of Robinson’s Place along Pedro Gil in Malate, Manila from 1pm to 5pm. Raffles will be held every half hour.

This is John’s second visit to the Philippines, and as many comic book fans would know, John is the legendary inker for many comic books for Marvel and DC including the very first Secret Wars, Captain America, Batman, Superman, The Nam, Spiderman, Avengers, GI Joe, Green Lantern, Justice League, Magneto, New Mutants, The Punisher, and so many more.

Leinil Francis Yu is my one time pencilling partner on many titles including Superman: Birthright, High Roads, New X-Men Annual 2001, Fantastic Four Annual 2001, Wolverine, and Silent Dragon. He’s since worked on Ultimate Hulk and Wolverine and New Avengers.

Edgar Tadeo is a very talented curly guy who has either colored or inked titles like Spawn, Iron Man, Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Captain America, and High Roads.

Mico Suayan has recently knocked people dead with his debut on Marvel’s Moon Knight.

FOR MORE INFO, PLEASE CALL: 536-8070, or email Sandy Sansolis at nixshop (at)

Monday, October 22, 2007

event will be this Friday, check the poster above for the schedule and dates.
My lecture will be on Friday at 2pm-3pm, and thats a day beforfe the comic seminar.

I was invited to talk about blogging, business and IT. Im not a super good in business or a problogger but thanks to the organizers for recongnizing my work and field in the success of events that Im involved in. And the Philippine Toy Convention is one big portfolio for me.
and I'll be there to represent and show the people how can you take a big advantage using blogs and the internet in having a big success in marketing your products, services and also yourself.

i maybe share some secrets here in how to make your event successful.
so if youre an event organizer. just attend this friday and see if you can believe with me.
I'll just to note to them that Im not that big in the industry.

I will be showing them how I used my blog, and the blog of ToyCon and Transformers Philippines in marketing your event or business.

for infos. go to

it was a fun taping and guesting in UNTV's Bread Tambayan, and thanks to Rodel for the tv guesting and UNTV as our media partner and in support always in our events.

During the taping, Wilson Tortosa did a drawing demo and Jay David Ramos did a on the spot coloring. Im glad that I brought my laptop and the UNTV got a Wacom tablet and it was cool event demo hahahaha, Jay colored a pin up of Spider-man, then he showed it up and do an on the spot coloring.
taping one two three!
Az, Jay, Rodel of UNTV and Wilson
at the back are the hosts of the show

The image
on air.

The image
Jay on coloring

The image
Wilson sketching

The image
at the dressing room

before the camera rolls.

for more photos visit this link
UNTV Bread Tambayan taping pics - Az, Wilson and Jay (Glass House Graphics+ 5th Manila Comics Creation Seminar)

Watch our tv guesting today at 5:30pm
the show is Bread Tambayan.

for local listing of cable channels. but if you have UHF just go to channel 37

and if you are away and outside Philippines, just go to the website
and click on the windows media player icon to watch the show live on the net!

wow! this is a great tv network having a live streaming of their show.

we will have another live tv guesting this thursday.